Glass Exhibition / SILENCE and Bottle people

Glass Exhibition / SILENCE and Bottle people

Takeyoshi Mitsui 

March 24th to April 27th, 2023

We are pleased to announce the first solo exhibition in New York by glass artist Takeyoshi Mitsui, who is based in Toyama prefecture, Japan.
The exhibition features two representative series of Mitsui's work that showcase the inherent beauty of glass as a material, and his own longing for beauty. Both series are hand-blown by the artist himself.
One series consists of hard, precise shapes that exude a quiet elegance, while meticulously calculated to be functional for the user. 
The other series personifies glass, evoking the material's subtle charm and flexibility, creating unique objects with Mitsui's own world view.
While the two contrasting works epitomize the boundary between "utility" and "beauty," each glass carries Mitsui's signature craftsmanship, making every piece a rare treasure. Meanwhile, the objects embody a humorous quality that invites people to relax and find solace in them.
Mitsui's unique expression is characterized by his agility in navigating between these two contrasting expressions, as well as his refusal to be confined by any particular style. We wish that many of you will be true to your feelings and hold his works in your hands as you please when you visit the exhibition.

We are having a reception ceremony on March 24th. Please come and see his artwork along with a drink.

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Date: Friday, March 24th
Time: 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Location: 50 Norman Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11222
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Glass Exhibition / SILENCE and Bottle people
Takeyoshi Mitsui
March 24th- April 27th

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