Teppei Ono

September 16th to October 30th , 2022 

We are pleased to present an exhibition of works by Teppei Ono, one of Japan's leading ceramic artists, who works in the beautiful mountains of Kochi.
At first glance, Teppei Ono's works have a humble and unadorned appearance,
and yet, at the same time, his work has a core strength that is timeless, universal, and honest.
Once you hold one of Ono's works in your hands, you will feel the emotive energy that he creates by kneading clay, firing wood, and confronting the kiln.
You will also notice that his works are not only dynamic, but also full of warm and generous humanity, like a light that illuminates the path we should take.
His works stand alongside us, open to all people as a source of vitality, and encouragement.
In this chaotic world, Ono quietly wishes to transcend nationality, race, and generations, to be in the hands of everyone.
A clay vase is a once-in-a-lifetime encounter, which we we hope you will enjoy.
Exhibition cooperation : Utsuwa Shoken KAMAKURA
Photographer : Yusuke Nishibe

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Teppei Ono
September 16th - October 30th, 2022