“To You, People of New York”

“To You, People of New York”

Pop-Up Shop by DDQS & SLON STORE

July 22nd - August 6th, 2023

We are hosting a pop-up event featuring two brands rooted in New York. These brands, based in Osaka, are bringing a limited-time vintage market to the people of New York, offering a unique experience for all.

To You, People of New York

The story goes that way before things like shops, business, partying, love or hate, our roots are in New York.

Been falling in love with the city since teenage,  and influenced/impressed. All that motivation lead us NOW. That’s just it.
We’ll be pop-up in Brooklyn by the two of us who moved to Osaka by chance. Like "Departing from Osaka to NY”.
Racked our poor brains, help of friends, then made some special shit only for New York.
We’ll challenge the city with our “Osaka Style”.

by DAILY DOSE quality stuff & SLON SOTRE

We will be hosting a reception on July 22nd. Don't miss this chance to mingle with buyers of the two brands and discover unique products. Enjoy a relaxing evening with great music and drinks. Everyone is welcome to attend, so please come and bring your friends! Please RSVP by contacting us from HERE.

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Date: Saturday, July 22nd 
Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Location: 50 Norman Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11222
RSVP: send your name and the number of participants via email
*The RSVP deadline is until July 21st at 23:59


DAILY DOSE quality stuff

DAILY DOSE quality stuff is a small store in Minamihorie, Osaka that carries vintage clothing and select items. The background of their concept is a "classic and modern" with a "clean yet poisonous" feel. DAILY DOSE is not concerned about terms discribing their items such as "Vintage", "Used", "Not made in the USA", and so on.


SLON STORE is a select store focused on New York City sourcing. Their goal is to create a store where customers can experience the lifestyle and local vibe of NYC through carefully selected products.


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“To You, People of New York”
By DAILY DOSE quality stuff & SLON STORE
July 22nd - August 6th