Yohei Ogawa

June 24th - July 9th, 2023

We will be hosting the first solo exhibition in the United States by Yōhei Ogawa, a drawing artist based in a coastal town in Shizuoka Prefecture. Reflected in his works are somewhat simple and abstract stone buildings, palm trees, and large rocks. At first glance, his works seem to depict a peaceful landscape surrounded by nature, an open and tranquil setting, or perhaps a desolate cityscape on an unknown planet. The motifs are his hometown, a town that flourished as a tourist destination in the past but has been declining year by year, depicting the memories of his childhood.

The works are untitled, and neither people nor animals appear in them. They somehow feel familiar, as if you have seen them somewhere or vaguely remember them. The titles are yours to decide. When you feel tired from walking on foot, why not take a pause and embark on a journey of memories.

We will be hosting a reception on June 24th to kick off the exhibition. Everyone is welcome to join, so please feel free to stop by. Please RSVP by contacting us from HERE.

[Reception Detail]
Date: Saturday, June 24th 
Time: 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Location: 50 Norman Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11222
RSVP: send your name and the number of participants via email
*The RSVP deadline is until June 23rd at 23:59

[Exhibition information]
Yohei Ogawa
June 24th - July 9th, 2023


Yohei Ogawa

Born in 1985, Niigata, Japan

Ogawa creates melancholic paintings based on the motif of the declining state of his hometown from the memories of his childhood.

Unveiling the Inspiration Behind His Artistic Creations

Q: Please tell us about your working environment and creative process.

A: It is a quiet place at my home studio, where the southern breeze flows.

Q: What motivated you to start your current creative activities?

A: I was drawing illustrations for flyers and music album covers. The owner of a shop called SUNDAYS BEST named YOK, saw my work and said, "Your art is great. You should do an exhibition." Encouraged by his words, I held my first solo exhibition in 2016. My full-fledged creative activities started in 2015.

Q: From what daily situations or moments do you derive your energy for creating?

A: I feel a lot of stress when I see unsettling news about incidents and accidents on TV. However, when I go to the sea for surfing, I can feel different colors, atmospheres, and the air every day. So, the anger I feel towards the world transforms into energy through the indescribable colors that nature provides.

Q: Could you tell us about a particular aspect of your work that you are uncompromising about?

A: Creating colors and atmospheres that don't induce stress.

Q: What have been the influences on your work so far? (It could be anything: objects, people, experiences, etc.)

A: Skateboarding, bicycles, surfing, and the alleged gallery.

Q: Is there any message you want to convey through your current artwork?

A: Above anything, I want to express that I am anti-war. By exhibiting my works in the States under the banner of "NO WAR," I hope that I can influence people to embrace the same anti-war spirit.