CIBONE 2024 Holiday Gift Wrapping Competition

CIBONE 2024 Holiday Gift Wrapping Competition

June 10 MON - Aug 20 TUE, 2024

We are pleased to announce the launch of a competition to design the holiday gift wrapping for CIBONE in 2024. The selected design will be used extensively as the Holiday gift wrapping at all three CIBONE stores: CIBONE Omotesando, CIBONE CASE Ginza, and CIBONE Brooklyn. Everyone is welcome to participate, and we eagerly await numerous entries.


Theme: Happy Holidays.

Imagine the faces of your loved ones and create something truly special. It's not just about the items themselves, but also the feelings of the creator, the pre-gift-giving meal, the decorated tree in the room, gift boxes, heartfelt letters, and accompanying flowers. To celebrate the special day and cherish the excitement leading up to those precious moments, we present CIBONE's vision of Holiday.


Submission Details:

We accept designs for the Holiday-limited gift wrapping that will be used at CIBONE Tokyo (Omotesando and Ginza) and CIBONE Brooklyn stores in 2024. The final selected design will be directed and designed by CIBONE's designers and used for various purposes, including Holiday message cards, wrapping papers, bags, and website banners.

*We may ask for either the original piece to be scanned, or submitting high-resolution data when final draft is decided.

Wrapping size

Paper Bag S: W120 x D65 x H215 (mm)
Paper BagM: W180 x D90 x H300 (mm)
Paper Wrapping: free size

Date of usage

Late November - December 25th (Wednesday)

Place of usage

CIBONE Brooklyn (New York)
CIBONE(Tokyo Omotesando)
CIBONE CASE(Tokyo Ginza)
Online Store


Submission Guidelines:

There are no restrictions on the genre, but all pieces must be unpublished. Entries are limited to 3 pieces per person. 


Submission Period:

From June 10th (Monday) to August 20th (Tuesday) until 23:59.


Submission Requirements:

- Eligibility: Open to participants of all ages; both professionals and amateurs. *For participants below elementary school age, communication must be made through a guardian.

- Size: Image data should be in CMYK color mode, 350dpi, within 10MB, and with a longer side of approximately 300mm or more. The format should be JPEG (extension: jpg or jpeg).

- Mediums and Techniques: Original works, graphics, illustrations, photographs, typography, and other two-dimensional works that can be expanded into package designs.

- Copyright: The copyrights of the award-winning works (including the rights specified in Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Act) shall be transferred to the organizer, Welcome Co., Ltd. For more details please refer to this URL.



Submission Method:

Please send your submission to with the subject line "2024 Holiday Gift Wrapping Submission" and address it to "Design competition management". Please Include all the following information: attached artwork data, artwork title, artwork comment (within 200 characters), address, name, age, occupation (school name), email address, and phone number. It will be kindly appreciated if we may ask "where did you hear about us".

Announcement of Results:

Winners will be notified via email from the address of during the week of August 26th. The official announcement will be made on the CIBONE official website in early November.



For inquiries regarding this matter, please contact email address. Please note that we may not be able to respond to inquiries made directly to the stores or through social media DMs on platforms such as Instagram.


CIBONE 2023 Holiday Gift Wrapping Competition Results:

Results Announcement
Lee Soyoung

Instagram: @yon_leeee
A textile designer from South Korea, Lee Soyoung graduated from Ewha Womans University with a major in Fiber Arts. After studying textiles in both Korea and Japan, she has been active in designing to illuminate people's lives.

Artwork Title:
Blue Christmas Night

Artwork Comment:
Under the blue night sky on Christmas Eve, I designed with the theme of a sparkling evergreen tree. I drew freely, imagining the tree's pointed leaves and the glittering ornaments hanging on the tree.

Judges' Comments:
While incorporating the essence of the CIBONE brand, the theme "Dear Christmas" was beautifully conveyed through rich and expressive lines. The design exudes a dignified strength with a predominant black color scheme, complemented by vibrant hues that capture the excitement and elegant festivity of the Christmas season. The completeness of the artwork and the thoughtful consideration for easy adaptation to bags and wrapping paper were crucial factors in the selection process.