May 31 FRI - June 9 SUN, 2024

We are pleased to announce a pop-up event held by KAMA-ASA, established in 1908 in Tokyo, Asakusa at Kappabashi street, one of the largest kitchen hubs of Japan.

For this in-store exclusive event, we will focus on the Japanese signature single-edged knives known as “Kataba”, featuring the valuable line up in a trunk show-style only for a limited time.

We will also host specialists from the actual KAMA-ASA store at 50 Norman, between May 31st to June 9th. Besides the trunk show, there will be knife sharpening for all knife-yielders at cost, consultation for kitchenware maintenance, knife sharpening workshops, and engraving services for purchasers.

In addition to knives, we will also introduce new cooking utensils starting from this pop-up. Please check it out during this period.

Some pieces are also available on the online shop.



knife of Life

mina perhonen × KAMA-ASA

Single-edged Japanese knives, with their sharpness and ability to cut without damaging the fibers of the food, have contributed greatly to Japanese food culture.However, they are rarely used in Japanese life today.

We would like to reevaluate the Japanese kitchen knives that have enriched the Japanese food culture and promote their appeal once again.
With this in mind, Kamasa Shoten consulted with Akira Minagawa, designer of Mina Perhonen, a company that produces clothing and textiles as well as furniture, tableware, and many other items that accompany everyday life.

Based on the request of Mr. Minagawa, who is also known for his love of cooking, an original Japanese kitchen knife was created in Sakai, Osaka.
The goal was to create a kitchen knife that would "live together with its creator and user.
We hope "Life Kitchen Knife" will make your daily cooking more comfortable.


Knife sharpening using a whetstone Work shop

The specialists from KAMA-ASA will present the basics of knife sharpening using a whetstone.

Details will be explained during this session; basic handling of knives, storing tips, and how to choose the right knives and whetstones.

At the end you will know how to sharpen your own knives at home, once you went through the techniques.By taking the first step, you can overcome any fears and experience the enjoyment of sharpening knives with ease.

For this session, we will use the most popular all-purpose kitchen knife in Japan, known as the “Santoku”, and provide careful instruction in small groups (maximum of 4 participants)*.

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to establish a new skill.

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Date and Time :
Saturday, June 1 · 11am - 12:30pm
Sunday, June 2 · 11am - 12:30pm
Saturday, June 8 · 11am - 12:30pm
Sunday, June 9 · 11am - 12:30pm

Price : $65



Japanese Engraving Service

BetweenMay 31th and Juner 9th, specialists from KAMA-ASA will be at 50 Norman to share their expertise and provide exclusive engraving services to customers who purchase a knife.

Why don't you customise it and make it your own original knife?