April 13 SAT - 28 SUN, 2024

We are pleased to announce the upcoming POP UP event featuring Japanese artisanal stationery by Object Index.
Object Index presents a curated selection of Japanese-made items for work, life, and everything in-between. The brand's theme bridges "mass production" and "craft," as we collaborate with manufacturers across Japan to redesign existing items, promoting sustainability and functionality.
Explore our meticulously designed products and innovative packaging, including the full lineup.
*Some pieces are also available on the online shop.
In a world full of things, good companions can be hard to find. Object Index presents a handpicked selection of Japanese-made items for work, life, and everything that happens in-between. Sort by type, filter the results, find your match. From there, the journey is yours to share.

01 Reassessing things, redefining functions
Object Index works directly with Japanese manufacturers, viewing things through a unique lens to cast them in a new light.

02 Making things to have by your side
Operated by Kakimori, a Japanese stationery store with a global following, Object Index produces things that make good companions for work and life.

03 Always looking forward
Object Index aims to present things that will last for years to come, placing an emphasis on those with replaceable parts and refills where possible.