Tamitu POP UP in CIBONE Brooklyn

Tamitu POP UP in CIBONE Brooklyn

May 10 FRI - 26 SUN, 2024

*Reception Party on May 9th from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

We are pleased to announce the honey lifestyle brand "Tamitu," proposeing a new style of honey for those of us living in the present, will hold its first POPUP event at CIBONE Brooklyn starting May 10th.

Mizutani Bee Farm in Mie Prefecture has been working with bees for over 100 years since its establishment in 1912, and has been sharing the attraction of honey from various angles.
"Tamitu" was born in 2021 with the desire to deliver honey that is close to those of us living in modern society, as lifestyles are diversifying.

The first product, “Herbal Honey,” is a blend of pure honey, herbs, and spices that is inspired by Elboristeria. You can choose the flavor according to your physical condition and mood, and one of its characteristics is that it dissolves easily in cold water.(* Obtained manufacturing method patent in Japan) Therefore, you can pour it on, mix it up, or leave it as is. Tamitu have opened up new possibilities for honey, which can be used in a variety of situations.

During this POPUP, we will offer Herbal Honey in 250g jars, along with refillable 500g options and Tamitu soda, crafted by diluting Herbal Honey with sparkling water.
Additionally, we will host weekend workshops where participants can make your own herbal honey (Reservation required), providing an opportunity to delve deeper into Tamitu's philosophy and offerings.

Be healthy, be beautiful.
We hope that a spoonful of Tamitu will support your daily life and give you vitality.


Some pieces are also available on the online shop.


[Reception Detail]

Date: Friday, May 9th
Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Location: CIBONE 50 Norman Ave. Brooklyn, New York 11222
RSVP: send DM with your full name and email.



Herbal Honey Work shop : Tamitu x CIBONE Brooklyn
Saturday, May 11 · 1 - 2pm
Sunday, May 12 · 1 - 2pm / 3 - 4pm
Saturday, May 18 · 1 - 2pm
Sunday, May 19 · 1 - 2pm / 3 - 4pm


We are excited to announce the Herbal Honey Workshop hosted by Tamitu at CIBONE Brooklyn.

Tamitu's Herbal Honey was inspired by Elboristerias, and was created with the aim of crafting honey tailored for each one of us.

One of the features of our Herbal Honey is its ability to easily dissolve in cold water. Another is that you can choose the flavor that best suits your physical condition and mood.

At the end of the workshop, you'll be able to take home your finished original herbal honey in a Tamitu original bottle.