Balance Sculpture

Balance Sculpture

Saturday, November 26th, 2022

This is the first of many workshop series hosted by CIBONE brooklyn.

At the Balance Study workshop, Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, Dylan & Jean, will teach a class where all participants can enjoy the hands-on creative experience using basic physics principles to create artful and playful sculptures while enjoying light refreshments and snacks.

L&G Studio's aesthetic and design philosophy is about complementary opposites with an unexpected balance of warm minimalism, playful austerity, and simple sophistication.
Founded by Dylan Davis & Jean Lee in 2010, L&G Studio's explorative spirit is a blend of their resourceful curiosity with the desire to celebrate material & functionality in unexpected ways.
The Studio’s focus is on creating a diverse set of products from small objects, home decor goods, jewelry, to furniture, lighting, to collaborations, community-based exhibitions and beyond. Their open, multi-faceted approach to design yields an ever-evolving set of ideas and experiments collected from their everyday discoveries, explorations, and surroundings.