HATSUGAMA 2024 New Year's Tea Celebration

HATSUGAMA 2024 New Year's Tea Celebration

Sunday, January 7, 2024 10:00AM~ / 1:00PM~

Join us for an exceptional New Year's Tea Celebration with the richness of kaiseki cuisine and the refined charm of Koicha.

This special event is a fusion of tradition and innovation, featuring the expertise of tea master Yoshitsugu Nagano and the culinary delights of UZUKI, a gluten-free Soba specialty.
Limited seats available, reserve your place now!

Need to Know

Thank you for your interest in HATSUGAMA 2024 Event! 10:00AM seating will finish at 12:30PM. 1:00PM seating will finish at 3:30PM. We ask that guests not be late to their reservation, as our event starts once everyone is present. Cancellation may be made before 7PM on Sunday, December 24 with full refund. Any cancellations made after 7PM of Dec. 24 will be subject to a $250 cancellation fee per person. We hope to see you on January 7, 2024 for this exclusive event!



We are delighted to invite you to a unique Brooklyn-style Hatsugama, a collaborative event featuring the expertise of tea master Yoshitsugu Nagano, UZUKI, a gluten-free specialty Soba restaurant, CIBONE, and BLANK Design! What is Hatsugama? The term "Hatsugama" refers to a traditional Japanese tea ceremony held annually in January to celebrate the New Year. "Hatsugama" translates to "the first kettle" in English, signifying the first tea gathering of the year. Families and close friends come together to enjoy auspicious kaiseki cuisine, purify their hearts with thick tea and ofuku-cha (happy tea), and pray for health and longevity in the new year. Let's celebrate the dawn of 2024 with a matcha ceremony.