Raw vegan chocolate Energy Bites

Raw vegan chocolate Energy Bites

Friday, February 10th, 2023

Leading up to Valentine's Day, CIBONE will offer a workshop for introducing the healthy benefits of cacao and sugar alternatives and making your own vegan plant-based chocolate Energy Bites with healthy ingredients, walnut, raisins oats and peanut butter.

We are using a very special peanut butter for this recipe workshop.


The peanut butter that we will be using is from a woman (Naka Kotobuki) who set up a factory in a remote area of Nepal to make peanut butter from locally grown heirloom peanuts.
 She built the peanut butter factory because she realized there were no job opportunities for women in this small town called Khotang when she visited the town for her work.
Yukiko was so amazing by this story and the peanut butter is so delicious, so she brought it from Tokyo and decided to use it for this working to collaborate with her peanut butter.
For more info for Naka Kotobuki and Sanchai.
A chocolate project started by Yukiko Hayakawa and her 5 year old daughter, Noé during the lockdown of the pandemic, first as a fun activity to make sweets and chocolates at home. Knowing that her child would want to eat everything they made together, and surprised at how much refined sugar and gluten is used in baked goods, Yukiko decided to make healthy raw vegan chocolate with no refined sugar (instead using maple syrup and Lakanto) and using high quality cacao with great health benefits that they both could enjoy together. As mother and daughter began to adorn the tasty chocolates, NOÉ NO OMISE ("Noé's shop" in Japanese) was born.
Instagram: noe_no_omise


Date: 2/10/2023
Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm or 3:30pm - 5:30pm
Maximum 6 people for each class ※2 classes a day
Cost: $70 per person
* At this workshop, we will be using ingredients that contains peanuts and tree nuts. Therefore, it will be great for your understanding anyone who has nuts allergies will not be able to participate.
NotificationThis event is recommended for anyone at any age, but a child who is under 10 years old must be accompanied by adults who are over 21 years old.Please let us know if you have any specific food allergy before confirming registeration.This event is non-refundable.