Yoshitsugu Nagano x CIBONE Brooklyn: Spring Matcha Class

Yoshitsugu Nagano x CIBONE Brooklyn: Spring Matcha Class

Sunday, April 7, 2024 1:00PM ~ 3:00PM

We are excited to announce a introductory matcha class led by Yoshitsugu Nagano, during the blossoming season of spring.

In recent times, matcha has become a globally recognized and healthy beverage, not only in Japan but around the world. Matcha, a powdered green tea, is an easily accessible drink, yet it originally served as a special beverage prepared through the tea ceremony by Zen monks and samurai. With a history spanning over 1000 years, matcha has been a drink of special significance, closely connected to the profound spirituality of Zen.

In this class, you will have the opportunity to learn the traditional method of preparing and enjoying matcha, infused with the spiritual essence of Zen, suitable for beginners to practice at home. Additionally, you can appreciate and actually use tea bowls from CIBONE's collection, immersing yourself in the world of tea bowls as works of art. After the class, you can take home a tea whisk selected by Yoshitugu Nagano.

Let's make a point to incorporate the matcha ceremony into our daily lives and seize moments of tranquil everyday experiences!


About Class

  • Explanation of the history and spirituality of Chanoyu
  • Appreciation and explanation of CIBONE's collection of tea bowls
  • Explanation of tea utensils
  • Explanation and practice of making matcha
  • Explanation and practice of how to drink matcha
  • Question and answer session


About Matcha Ceremony

The ceremony of matcha, known as "Chanoyu" in Japanese, is part of Japan's rich traditional culture. This ceremony involves preparing and serving matcha as a means for participants to deepen friendships and seek spiritual tranquility. Influenced by Zen philosophy, the ceremony places a strong emphasis on simplicity and aesthetic awareness, with tea utensils and the setting playing crucial roles.

Furthermore, it is a unique cultural experience in Japan that values cherishing the present moment, deeply rooted in the culture of the samurai. Historical elements are woven in, reflecting the pursuit of inner refinement and harmony by warriors through the practice of the matcha ceremony.


About Yoshitsugu Nagano

Yoshitsugu Nagano is the youngest person to be certified in the highest rank of the Ueda Soko school of samurai tea ceremony, which has been practiced in Hiroshima for 400 years, and he serves as a regular professor of the school.

In 2019, with the support of the Globus Family, he relocated to New York City, where he energetically promotes the spirituality and aesthetics of Chanoyu by hosting tea rituals for the public and special events, holding workshops, and teaching students. He establishes styles of modern tea, incorporating new expressions into this tradition rooted in Zen.

Web: https://www.y-nagano.jp/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/yoshitsugu_nagano/




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*The matcha used in this class will be provided by Kettle Tea.