Invitatiton from HIDEYA HOUSE

November 10th to December 9th, 2022


Hideya's designs for lifestyle products. In this exhibition in New York, Hideya will show his own creations, tableware and products for home use that he has made with various craft artists all around Japan, as well as table setting proposals that only Hideya can design by combining valuable Japanese traditional antique dishes which from the end of the Edo(1603– 1868)period and the early Meiji (1868-1912)period that are in good condition, and products that can be used at home. We have also prepared a large number of products to show you the atmosphere and the beautiful world of "hideya", which you can take home with you. Hideya's work has been featured in various media outlets in Japan. We are thrilled to collaborate with him at CIBONE Brooklyn. 


Collected by Hideya

As an art director,
continues to create everything through his five senses based on the concept of "-Revolution - Stable Beauty.
Born in 1985.

After spending his teenage years in New York and working in the entertainment industry, he is not only a musician but also a space designer, floral arranger, food coordinator, and video creator. His mysterious and energetic works, which look like a scene from a movie, are breathtaking.
From art direction to event direction, he has worked on branding for a variety of brands, creating everything from interiors to space and product design. He also engages in a wide range of activities, including the comprehensive production of celebrity weddings.
Clients include not only corporations, but also many socialites from all over the world (NY, Hong Kong, Korea, Italy, etc.).


Photographer : Kayoko Asai

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