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【limited time】knife of life Santoku_mina perhonen ×KAMA-ASA

【limited time】knife of life Santoku_mina perhonen ×KAMA-ASA

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A Knife for Life

Single-edged Japanese knives, with their sharpness and ability to cut without damaging the fibers of the food, have contributed greatly to Japanese food culture.However, they are rarely used in Japanese life today.

We would like to reevaluate the Japanese kitchen knives that have enriched the Japanese food culture and promote their appeal once again. With this in mind, Kamasa Shoten consulted with Akira Minagawa, designer of Mina Perhonen, a company that produces clothing and textiles as well as furniture, tableware, and many other items that accompany everyday life.

Based on the request of Mr. Minagawa, who is also known for his love of cooking, an original Japanese kitchen knife was created in Sakai, Osaka. The goal was to create a kitchen knife that would "live together with its creator and user. We hope "Life Kitchen Knife" will make your daily cooking more comfortable.

All-purpose knife widely used in Japan

Santoku is an all-purpose kitchen knife with a long, straight blade for cutting a variety of foods, including raw meat, fish, and vegetables. It is shaped like a combination of Nakiri, traditionally used in Japan to cut vegetables, and Gyuto, used overseas as an all-purpose kitchen knife.

Shiroshi No. 2 for long-lasting sharpness and ease of sharpening

The steel material is well-balanced in terms of ease of sharpening and long-lasting sharpness. This series has good sharpness because the blades are sharpened thin and clean by the high skill of craftsmen. Although steel tends to rust easily because it is made of steel, it has both good sharpness and ease of sharpening when compared to stainless steel.

Weight:150g *The weight of knives can slightly vary.

Knife bevel:Single bevel

Dominant hand:For right handed

Manufacturing process:Forged

Blade structure:Kasumi layer



Stencil printing:KOURA SHUHEI

Materials:Blade material=Shirogami No.2 carbon steel,Handle material=Sakura


Steel is a water-sensitive material that rusts very easily. Please remove water with a cloth after each use during cooking.

Do not cut squash, frozen foods, bones, or shells, as hard foods may chip, crack, or break.

Please read the enclosed instruction manual before use.

Note: Each piece is hand work by the artist, even the same piece will have a slightly different expression. 



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