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Edokiriko Glass Sakepot Blue

Edokiriko Glass Sakepot Blue

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The glass "chorori" plays an important role in Japanese table settings. Originally, the chorori, a tool used to warm sake, was made of metal, but by making it out of glass, it has gained an elegant appearance that adds color to the table.
There are not many glass pots that are molded into a square shape, so this product has a unique appearance on the tabletop. Each piece is a gem, hand-blown by glass artisans.

When serving cold sake, put ice cubes in the included cores to cool the sake without diluting the outer surface. The chirori is made of heat-resistant glass so that warm sake can be directly placed in the chirori after it has been heated. If you place a cloth inside the pot, you can also boil the sake in hot water.

It is recommended for tea as well as alcohol. You can enjoy Japanese tea, such as water-soluble matcha and green tea, from its color.
The Edo faceted chirori, which comes with a set of faceted inner cups, is recommended for enjoying your favorite sake. The dignified blue color is cool and brings a crisp look to your dining table. When not in use, it is also a beautiful item to be displayed.


Each piece is hand work by the artist, even the same piece will have a slightly different expression. 

The core of the Edo faceted chirori is not heat-resistant. Please do not use it in combination with hot beverages as it is dangerous. The glass body is heat resistant, so please remove the core when using with warm food.

Without cores: approx. 450ml

Note: Each piece is hand work by the artist, even the same piece will have a slightly different expression. 



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