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Sawara Rice Serving Container (Small)

Sawara Rice Serving Container (Small)

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Using the finest Sawara (Japanese Cypress) from Kiso, Japan and twisted copper, this wooden container is both beautifully designed and functional.

Michiko took 10 years to carefully design this oval container that is versatile enough to put sushi rice, sandwiches, onigiri, ingredients for Japanese hot pot, and even a fish in. This unique, multifunctional oval shaped container can be used to prepare food and also for serving as it looks stunning on your dining table. The lid can be used as a tray. Please soak the container and lid in water for 10 minutes before using.


Use & Care

  • Resin can sometimes ooze out on the surface. However, it’s a natural ingredient and harmless despite its yellowish, sticky and stain-like appearance. If you wipe it off with vinegar or ethanol liquid (sterilizing alcohol), you can get rid of the stickiness. Although some of yellow stains will remain, there’s no problem in use with safety assured.
  • The container should be sufficiently washed with (hot) water after use to make sure there isn’t any bit of food left, which can cause black stains. After washed, it should be well-drained, wiped with a dry cloth and dried in cool well-ventilated places out of direct sunlight. If it’s dried without the remaining water wiped off first, its wood will quickly shrink, causing cracks and loosening of the surrounding copper ornamentation. The longer it remains wet, the sooner it gets molded or black-stained.

Note: Each piece is hand work by the artist, even the same piece will have a slightly different expression. 



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