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Akihiro Woodworks

Chicci M (CC-M)

Chicci M (CC-M)

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"Chicci", the hand-carved bird with a charming look, will always be by your side.
When you pass by the front door, when you suddenly notice it at your desk, or when you gently touch it in the room of the person you gave it to, it will rock back and forth in a unique rhythm.
We hope it will trigger your awareness of the happiness that is right beside you.
True happiness dosen't lie far away, but close at hand.
Wooden carving of a small bird [Chicci]

Akihiro Woodworks

A woodworker based in Kagoshima, Japan.
Their wide-ranging activities include custom-made furniture, original products, and interior designing.
The drying period of the wood used for materials varies depending on the thickness and species, but it takes 3 to 5 years until it's dry enough for carving. Although nowadays it's possible to obtain high-quality lumber from all over the world, they create products by learning about the cycles of forests around the neighborhood, and pursuing shapes that suit the character of the lumber they use.

Artist : Taku AKIHIRO
Sculptor, Painter, Designer 
Taku AKIHIRO creates sculptures with a unique perspective on familiar objects, emerging from a local-based approach. In recent years, he has been expanding the capabilities of his "migaku - polish" idea by presenting works in different mediums other than wood, such as paintings, stone, metal, and other materials. For him, creating sculptures is an act of looking back at his foundation, stimulating his five senses, and adding color to daily life.  

Exhibition : THE SHOW  6.3 SAT - 6.18 SUN, 2023

Note: Each piece is hand work by the artist, even the same piece will have a slightly different expression. 



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