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Ryota Akiyama



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Cracks and Shrinnks

Artificial products have advantage of homogenization and efficient productivity, on the other hand natural products have individual differences and heterogeneous property. However, the boundaries can be changed vaguely depending on the way of thinking.

Even substances classified as artificial could have characteristics, just like natural ones. Without the production loop for selfish reasons, the mixture of artificial things and natural ones may become a new value. This work proposes a new material for reaffirming the perspective on nature.

One of the materials are polystyrene, which can shrink by heating. Another are two types of acrylic paint that color-coats and applies cracks on the surface. Various types of materials, firing temperature and time were examined to observe the curing. The outcome varies depending on the temperature of oven, density of polystyrene, concentration of the acrylic paint, humidity and the time exposed in air. CRACKS AND SHRINKS are sculptured by human hand but ultimately the shape may not be predicted by humans. It is a new material expression in which the texture changes due to various factors.

Ryota Akiyama

Based in Mashiko city, Tochigi Prefecture. Ryota conducts research into the materials and historical backgrounds for his work. By filtering through contemporary elements, the artist attempts to update values, resulting in the creation of new relationships and functions produced by interactions between people and space. The process itself becomes part of his artistic expression.

Ryota Akiyama's exhibition on April 28-May 14, 2023

New Era of Japanese Pottery CRACKS AND SHRINKS

Note: Each piece is hand work by the artist, even the same piece will have a slightly different expression. 



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