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10¹² TERRA



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10¹² TERRA

Boxes are tools for storing things that are not to be seen, things that are to be hidden, and things that are to be kept in a messy state.
In this exhibition, we question how we relate to things through boxes. Even if you put an object in this box, its existence will not disappear. Rather, we will be able to face them more closely, as if we were hanging a picture in a frame.
Take responsibility for the act of choosing and disposing of things. When you look around you, what are the things that are truly dear to you? We hope this article will provide you with a small opportunity to think about such things.

From the exhibition at CIBONE CASE (Ginza) 
AUG 15 - SEP 4, 2018


The removable lid of this box can be used as a tray, allowing for versatile storage options depending on your creativity and needs.

10¹² TERRA

The brand was established in 2012 by Daisuke Tsumanuma and Kenichi Yamada. Based on the manufacturing process of stained glass, they produce and sell art pieces along with hydroponics terrariums, vases, storage, and objects for growing plants while observing their roots. 10¹² TERRA also offers total production and design services, ranging from planning and spatial production, to corporate product development and branding.


Note: Each piece is hand work by the artist, even the same piece will have a slightly different expression. 



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