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As the name implies, the name wa/ter comes from water.Water is in the human body
Circulate through the earth and plants
It gives life to all living things.The sea too,
It’s so big.Sometimes wrapped like a mother
Sometimes I even feel fear.
The / (slash) in the wa/ter logo is
I want to be surprised enough to tilt such a horizon.
Made from the thought.
We can never do it alone.
Eventually our thoughts reach many people
So that you can sympathize.
I want to continue to convey the message.

We made an incense holder based on HAMON 90φ Each piece is
processed by hand into an incense holder

. It is also the home of incense.It is also a product that was born from experiencing and learning about
various things in Awajishima . We believe that valuing the connection between the two, which have no substance, will lead to a richer life./ size 90φxH30(mm) / color Blue Gray / We have made every effort to make the colors of the posted photos as close to the actual product as possible, but please note that the colors in the photos and the actual product may look different depending on your computer environment . Because it is made with, there may be individual differences. In rare cases, small air bubbles and white particles may be mixed in with the glass, but please understand that this is a by-product of melting recycled glass. Incense is not included.

Note: Each piece is hand work by the artist, even the same piece will have a slightly different expression. 



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