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Myo enn

Myo enn

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Exclusive Color at CIBONE: Discover our unique custom color, crafted using the traditional Kyoto string-braiding techniques of Kumihimo. 

LinNe Myo enn (Relaxation)

For each Orin attached is a tiny ball of thread with various colors. One of the traditional string-braiding techniques known as “Odamaki” is used to make the thread object. It is said one’s relationship with another will not break due to the seamless design. The emphasis is on a design that retains the atmosphere of Kyoto, while blending in with a variety of lifestyles and spaces, not limited to religious usage.


"LinNe" specializes in the production of Sahari-made Orin (Japanese traditional metal bowls), gongs mainly for the Gion Festival, and Narimono-Shinbutsugu (sacred Buddhist instruments), all hand-made in Kyoto. Sahari is a type of metal used in ancient Shoso-in treasures. It is a alloy of copper and tin blended to the utmost limit in order to improve the tone and vibes. The tone of Sahari is clear and transparent, producing a pleasant reverberation. We hope you will find your favorite tone and adopt the sound of the Sahari Orin in your daily lives.


This sound makes me nostalgic, cleansing, and calming

Note: Each piece is hand work by the artist, even the same piece will have a slightly different expression. 


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