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[SEE SEE x dugudagii] 60SkateBoard

[SEE SEE x dugudagii] 60SkateBoard

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[SEE SEE x dugudagii]

SEE SEE is a home ware brand specializing in the Traditional Shizuoka Hand Craft “Hikimono".

Hikimono is the technique used to make round objects and bowls from wooden material using spinning wheels and lathes.
With a rich history, the usage for wooden products such as tall basins and bowls has been time proven from the unearthing of artifacts from the Karako ruins of Nara Prefecture that date back to the Yayoi Period.

It is said that the roots of Shizuoka Hikimono dates back to the Edo(old Tokyo) Period when Precious wood quotient、 handed down the techniques to craftsman in Hakone.
After World War II, through the exporting of pepper mills, table legs, doorknobs etc., the quality of these regional products have been highly praised world wide.
Currently, due to machine made mass production becoming the norm, the production using Hikimono techniques has decreased.
SEE SEE takes pride in fusing together the technical (History) and design (Now) in order to create the NEXT that will hand down this tradition to the coming generation.

Born in Tokyo in 1977.
Self taught painter, and graphic designer since 2000.
Started creating three-dimensional objects with resin in 2009.
dugudagii mainly encapsulates various objects in transparent resin, and presents works composed of the outline and the characteristics of the actual encapsulated objects.

Note: Each piece is hand work by the artist, even the same piece will have a slightly different expression. 



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